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How to go from this:
TO OR in PS7. Definitely translatable though.

First, start with your base. I didn't sharpen it, because for this tut, I didn't think it would look good. Usually, though, I'll go to filter-sharpen-sharpen edges, so it's not too sharp.

1. Anyway crop your base, but don't set it to screen or anything yet. Take your base duplicate it twice, the first set to screen and the second set to softlight. Add as many screen layers as you need to make it nice and bright. You can always come back later and add more if needed.


2. Make a new layer and fill it with #BADAFF. Or just copy and past my image. Set it to color burn 100%.

----> ---->

3. Make a new layer and this time fill it with #08002F. Set it to exclusion 100%.

----> ---->

4. Make a new layer and fill it with #FFE1BA. Set it to multiply 100%.

----> .

If you want to get this coloring: , do everything the same, except skip step 3. Then play around with the opacity for step 4. In this case, I set it to multiply and 50%.
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